the Arts in Engineering
Young Problem Solvers... by Design!
Now Scheduling Workshops for 2019!

June 26-28, 2018
Oakland Schools,
Pontiac, MI
Contact:  Lyn Weber

Michael Quinn - Karl Klimek

New Challenges!
New Content!
New Format!

Opportunity!  If you would like to host a training, please contact Karl Klimek

Note: SCECHS are being made available for each session.
  • Integrated STEM*
  • Michigan Science Standards! (NGSS)
  • Curriculum Design
  • Depth Of Knowledge
  • Blooms Taxonomy
  • Brain/Mind Learning
  • Project-Based
  • Experiential
  • Affordable
  • Customized
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Authoring Unit Design

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Math


The Arts in Engineering framework was designed as a result of a 3 year research study that brought professional teachers, a major university and a STEM education Foundation together.  Now enhanced to be aligned with the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards, the Arts in Engineering  brings an accessible and affordable set of constructs and processes to the K-5 and 6-8 classrooms.

Teacher Training is one of two arenas for this extraordinary, new program that focuses on customizing creative engineering curricula that fit the circumstances for individual schools.

Summer camps for students provide opportunities for schools and/or organizations where kids become "Young Problem Solvers... by Design!"  Incorporating the New Process PathwaySM, learners (young and older) approach any problems they identify with a fun, clear decision-making tool.

After engaging in engineering learning activities, students' conceptions of engineering improved significantly.

Approximately 84% of students demonstrated improved performance with using the engineering design process and recognizing it as a useful way to solve problems, create new ideas, and work cooperatively with other students.