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Young Problem Solvers... by Design!
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Teachers co-create their own, affordable engineering units resulting in inquiry-based design challenges.  Support materials include examples of a six week integrated unit using the new “Process Pathwaysm," and receive a "How To" guideline to establish their very own Engineering Extravaganza. 

In the Spring of 2010, one of the classroom teachers that teamed with the staff to develop this exciting, new approach was featured in the Journal of the Michigan Science Teacher's Association.  A link to the article, "Integrating the Engineering Design Process in the Kindergarten Science Classroom" (pgs. 36-45) can be found here.
"Engineering, in a way, is a performing art!"  

From the NGSS...

The core idea of engineering design includes three component ideas:

A. Defining and delimiting engineering problems involves stating the problem to be solved as clearly as possible in terms of criteria for success, and constraints or limits.

B. Designing solutions to engineering problems begins with generating a number of different possible solutions, then evaluating potential solutions to see which ones best meet the criteria and constraints of the problem.

C. Optimizing the design solution involves a process in which solutions are systematically tested and refined and the final design is improved by trading off less important features for those that are more important.