the Arts in Engineering
Young Problem Solvers... by Design!
National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones speaks to the idea of not focusing on proving ourselves, but improving ourselves.  The 2 Perspectives, Learning Through Leadership training team is prepared to help everyone do just that! Participating in the Arts in Engineering experiences allows one to examine their strengths and build their capacities so that creative engineering can purposefully enliven classrooms across the country! 
Michael Quinn -- Kimberlee Quinn --  Karl Klimek --  Barb Klimek
Problem Solvers... by Design!

Enthusiasm…Spirit…Creativity…Kimberlee is a veteran Visual Arts and Engineering teacher who delivers the essence of the Arts in Engineering program.  An integral designer of the framework, she brings a wide-range of grade level and program design expertise to the training and experience.  From Science and Engineering camps to coaching teachers in the classroom, a vision for an exciting blend of Arts and STEM resides in her excellent work.

Energy…Variety…"How-To"…Never short of an new idea, Michael always finds a way to take what materials are available and maneuver them into a creative thinking, valuable learning application. With countless experiences using these practices with kids of all ages, Michael brings his technology education teaching brilliance to the training with a pallet of first-hand knowledge that will support all who work with him. 

Integrate…"Change-it-Up"…"Best for Kids!"…Bringing her national trainer skills to the program, Barb has an integral role in the design and shaping of the Arts in Engineering experience.  With vast experience working with kids and teachers in just about every kind of school environment imaginable, she addresses the curriculum design and school leadership elements as core components of a successful school program.  A former elementary school administrator, her oversight of the successful model upon which this program was designed is the backbone of this framework.

Inspire…Empower…"Connect-the-Dots!"Working, leading, and collaborating with teachers, school administrators and STEM related businesses from all over the Great Lakes region, Karl sees each and every opportunity to engage learners of all ages through the "lens" of relevance and possibility.  Having co-authored two books focused on Brain/Mind Learning and Generative Leadership, he brings the ingredients that support the Arts in Engineering model that will serve to justify these practices and offer guidance for teachers as they unveil their new and exciting STEM education pathways.